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Year 2 May Stars

  • Alfie - For his imagination and creativity in art. He really impressed us this week with how he made the artwork his own.

  • Maidie - For her perseverance in maths this week. She listened and responded to feedback so she could be successful when finding the difference between numbers.

  • Stanley - for being kind and including others in play. Also for coming out of his shell and having a fantastic attitude towards his learning.

  • Tristan - for beginning to make friendships and asking for help.

  • Sebby - his wonderful maths work! He is beginning to explain his understanding of mathematical concepts and problems using his reasoning skills.

Year 2 April Stars

  • K - For her brilliant work in maths this week. You have worked hard to solve grouping problems. Well done

  • Travis - For his hard work and determination to improve, particularly in fast maths. Well done!

  • Zach - for persevering with words per minute and making great progress in reading.

  • Josh - for using grouping to solve division problems in maths this week. You were amazing!

  • Sienna - for a fantastic improvement in your words per minute. You have also impressed us with your division skills in maths this week. Wow!

Year 2 March Stars

  • George T - for working incredibly hard in maths and making good really good progress this week. He could apply his knowledge of arrays to solve worded multiplication problems. Well done!

  • Daniel - for having a fantastic attitude towards your learning. You have really stood out this week for sharing your ideas and asking questions. Well done!

  • N - for working so hard during home learning and for impressing all of the adults in school with her brilliant maths skills this week!

  • Fin - for always reflecting on his own learning and looking for ways to edit and improve.

Year 2 February Stars

  • Courtney - for your amazing half term recount writing. You tried really hard to include all of your Year 2 writing skills.

  • Abigail - for her consistent effort and positive attitude towards her learning.

  • Matthias - for working so hard at home every week and for being especially creative this week by making an advert for his own shop!

Year 2 January Stars

  • Edward for persevering with home learning even when you have found it tricky and for putting in an amazing amount of effort.

  • Lillea for your fantastic effort with your home learning. You really do go over and above what's expected. We both love your blogs and the effort you put into them.

  • Max for trying your best, even when you have found things tricky and for making improvements to your work.

Year 2 December Stars

  • Theo for his amazing attitude towards his learning. He always works hard in school and spends time developing his skills at home too!

  • Mitchell for a huge improvement in his reading fluency. He always works so hard!

Year 2 November Stars

  • Harper for being a role model and always being ready to learn. You’re a superstar!

  • Fynley for his improvement in phonics. He has used his new skills well to help him read and spell words. Keep up the good work!

  • Thorsten for really trying hard to show his understanding in maths. We were really impressed with the mathematical vocabulary he used.

  • __ for being really enthusiastic about his learning. He even went home and wrote his own story.

Year 2 October Stars

  • Teddy M for his wonderful writing about The Great Fire of London. He used his phonics and has improved his presentation.

  • James W for a big improvement in his attitude towards his learning and for trying really hard to meet all of the REACH values.

  • Jack S - for going over above with your home learning this week. We are really impressed with the challenges you've set yourself.

  • All the adults at home - for helping your children with a week of home learning and managing to use Google Classroom.

  • Lenny M - for working hard in his writing. He has used his phonics skills to help him spell and even used adjectives. Well done!

Year 2 September Stars

  • Holly S for being a fantastic learning partner and for getting more confident to share your ideas.

  • Tyra B for being a good role model and talking about her emotions and feelings clearly.

  • Stanley M for an amazing improvement in your attitude to your learning and trying really hard, especially when working independently.