Our Classroom



Mrs Hammond - email: shammond@collingwood.school

Mrs Burroughs - email: mburroughs@collingwood.school

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This is the gate you will come in through, it is the gate In Collingwood road. Arrive at 8.50 and collect at 3.20. Please line up on the socially distanced lines on the playground.

You will come into the classroom through this door. Please be careful as you are going up and down the steps.

These are the toilets you will be using. Remember only one person can use this area at a time.

We are very lucky, we have two classrooms joined by some steps. For September all of the tables are in rows facing the front.

This is the bottom classroom. If you painted a face during our meet the teacher day, they are all ready up on the wall.

This is the top classroom. We have a huge new TV on the wall so you can all see what we are learning.